Automated Drug Management Systems (ADMS)

The automated drug management system is the only pharmacy automation system that can provide unit-dose packaging, storage and dispensing, making it a completely automated solution, from manufacturers’ packaging to patient-specific dispensing. The smart technoloogy fully automates packaging, storage and dispensing steps for complete medication management.

Unit-dose packaging ensures complete traceability of medication from original packaging to the patient. The barcode verification eliminates opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing. The archive process stores images of all medications packaged through the system for future verification. The advanced design of the ADMS allows the two robots to support task redundancy and produtivity. The overwrap module automates unit dose packaging and bar coding of bulky containers and non-solids for improved control and traceability. The discrete packaging and dispensing modules support simultaneous processing and improve produtivity. Its high density storage securely stores up to 51,060 unit doses, or 145 doses per square foot. The ADMS allows pharmacies to increase picking, packaging and dispensing efficiency, eliminate medication errors and improve patient safety.

We have been working with Kwong Wah Hospital closely by analyzing selected period of pharmacy data in order to suggest the right ADMS solution for the new pharmacy of their re-development project.