Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems

For a modern acute hospital, efficiency and effectiveness in serving the public are of paramount importance. Inbound logistics is one of the most critical tasks which affects daily operation of a hospital where all processes need to mesh smoothly with one another, without stoppages or downtime. The AGV System can implement daily transport operations and form an essential part of the supply chain of the hospital, especially for the regularly repeated tasks.

The AGV System is an automated transportation system from Germany which makes use of independent navigation. Thanks to its high-performance control system, AGV automatically optimizes the tasks to be implemented. Each AGV can deliver containers with an overall weight of up to 500kg fully loaded. There are a wide range of transportation tasks that could be performed by the AGV System, which include the transportation of meal trolleys, linen trolleys, daily consumables, general garbage, pharmaceuticals, and bulky inventories. The AGV vehicles will carry the goods and go along the pre-programmed route through the corridors and into the lifts. A unique laser navigation system enables the vehicles to identify obstacles and to scan the contours of the building for reference. The AGV System mitigates the need of manpower by automated transportation. This allows the hospitals to have a better allocation of labor in order to take care of the patients in a more efficient way. The first AGV System in Hong Kong is being set up at the prestige Hong Kong Children Hospital, under Hospital Authority.