Autonomous Mobile Robots

The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is designed for transportation within the four walls of a department and between departments troughout a facility. It safely and efficiently transports specimens, medications and supplies on the same floor within a facility, such as hospitals, laboratories, nurse stations, etc. The AMR relies on autonomous navigation where no wires, tape, GPS or other navigation markers are required. Its laser guidance system assures precise navigation, obstacle avoidance and human safety. The drive-around mapping with laptop adjustments enables fast and easy route updates and additions.

The merits of having AMR is the ease of installation and minimal services which made the system a simple one to cater for the daily logistic routines. The large variety of compartments and adjustable shelves are able to accommodate different transport needs, hospital-wide, with its ability of holding up to 30kg of goods. Its small footprint has brought about the adaptability of navigating in narrow hallways and tight quarters, which accomodates traffic in shared spaces. It eliminates the need for manual transportation and many lean waste commonly assciated with healthcare, allowing healthcare technicians to focus on patient-related tasks, as well as, to optimize workflow.

A trial unit of the Autonomous Mobile Robot had been recently delivered to the OT department of United Christian Hospital , followed by the MIS Centre of the Queen Mary Hospital.