Who we are

EuroMed Technologies targets at the hi-end, prestige, and niche medical equipment market in Hong Kong and SE Asian countries. We are a company established in Hong Kong offering a one-stop shop solution to customers by supplying a wide range of equipment and systems for hospitals, clinics, medical/healthcare centers, and laboratories

We are representing world leaders in hospital automation, including fully-fledged automatic pill-picking system for modern pharmacies and the pneumatic tube systems which are widely used in modern hospitals. We also worked with manufacturers for medical logistics systems, which provide sophisticated medical storage and transportation solutions within hospitals. You may have more detailed descriptions and product specifications upon request.

What we do

EuroMed is to bring in the top-tier manufacturers from Europe, USA, and Korea in their own field of expertise at a reasonable and affordable budget to our customers. We also organize specialized and technical seminars by inviting representatives from world-renowned manufacturers in order to keep our customers and professionals abreast of the latest technological advances in a particular field of medical equipment application.

Where we serve

Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest ports for goods and visitors and a well-known densely-populated metropolis. We were subject to various epidemics in the past decade and also because of the ever-increasing aging problem, the public-at-large is demanding a higher standard in medical and healthcare services. Many public and private medical organizations are undergoing major development, upgrading, and extension projects in order to respond to the needs. It is anticipated that quality medical equipment and systems are therefore required to cope with these plans. EuroMed Technologies Co., Ltd. was established to cater for this niche market. In the past few years we also extended our business to overseas countries including, but not limited to, Singapore, The Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Austria.