Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe that local enterprises, irrespective of their business scale, should contribute to the well-being of the society with their professionalism in the field of human rights, labor rights, community development, education, and healthcare issues.

We have been actively participated in the voluntary events like “Pink Walk for Breast Health”, the flagship annual fundraising event for Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF). We also joined the “Outward Bound Corporate Challenge” and many other voluntary services, such as providing free bone density tests to hundreds of senior citizens in order to arise their awareness on the importance of bone health. Similar services will be continued and we are more than happy to assist charity organizations for the benefits of the grassroots.

We are a member of the Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association Limited (HKMHDIA) since 2011. HKMHDIA is the leading association in Hong Kong representing the medical & healthcare device industries in Hong Kong, who plays a proactive role in promoting their members' expertise, uplifting the entire industry's standards and ethnics in the trade, provide trainings and knowledge in technology, regulatory and compliance requirements in medical device related fields. They also engage actively in advising and consulting local and international regulatory impacts to the members; and seeking sponsorship and support from the government for better development of the medical device industry. More information about the HKMHDIA can be found in .

It is our honor to receiving the “Partner Employer Award 2016/17” presented by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business for demonstrating our corporate responsibility by hiring graduates of local technical institutes and universities, giving such graduates training opportunities and practical experience so that they can have more industrial exposure to real-life business environment and to appreciate the challenges which local companies are encountering.