Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizers



Renosem Co., Ltd. is an innovative provider of Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer from Korea that ensures infection prevention and microbial reduction. Renosem strives to develop various medical devices using their own well-experienced high-tech plasma applications.


Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization is rapidly emerging as an essential technology that can sterilize humidity sensitive and heat sensitive medical devices used in OR, CSSD and general hospitals, as well as instruments related to ophthalmology. It is a technology that is also used in bio-labs, veterinary clinics/hospital, dental clinics, and in the pharmaceutical aseptic industry. Renosem endeavors to meet the needs of customers and provide the right solutions to market situations.


The latest model Reno allows customers who need high penetrating sterilization on endoscopes, PCDs, temperature-sensitive tools and materials. Plasma sterilizers do not require any water inlet/outlet, safe by-products, lower temperature, fast cycle time and affordable running cost. Capacities range from 20L (desktop model) to 130L (single/double-door) are available.