Bio/Pharma Fridges & Freezers (Tritec)

Tritec GmbH

Tritec is the right partner for cutting edge products from all areas of refrigeration and climatic technology, such as climate chambers, pharmaceutical refrigerators, incubators, blood plasma freezers or laboratory freezers, since Tritec Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation domiciled in Hanover, Germany has been established on the market for over 30 years. Tritec is a competent specialist for devices and systems for the medical, industrial and chemical sectors, as well as for universities, technical colleges and other educational institutions, whether climate chambers, cooled incubators or laboratory refrigerators, the right solution is always found for the customers.


Tritec places great value on the high-quality workmanship, user-related production and a comprehensive and individualized service regarding the pharmaceutical refrigerators, climate chambers and other products. Their progressive products from climate chamber to incubator and the expertise ensure that specialist personnel can work effectively and accurately with climate chambers, pharmaceutical refrigerators or the blood plasma freezer from the company and carry out their work precisely and expediently, whether in laboratories, clinics or in surgeries.


Our customers include but not limited to the followings:

  • Prince of Wales Hospital

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Dual Temperature Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Internally Spark Resistant Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Internally Spark Resistant Pharmaceutical Deep Freezer