Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS)

An integrated pneumatic tube system solution is the key to optimization of distribution processes in often spread-out hospitals. Well thought through technically integrated field-proven logistic systems offer today a high potential for an increase in quality and at the same time cost reduction through efficient time and personnel planning. The pneumatic tube system guarantees fast, spontaneous safe material transport every time, even overlong distances.

During standard operation the carriers are transported with up to 8 m/sec (30 km/h) through the transport tube network. The speed can be considerably reduced for the transport of sensitive samples. These glide at a very low speed of only 2 to 3 m/sec. and this controlled transport condition allows the problem-free transport of laboratory material, blood samples, blood cell suspension, heparin blood, units of stored blood and blood plasma undamaged and intact both mechanically and kinetically.

Pneumatic tube systems have been specifically developed for the complex use of hospitals. Whether on one level or many floors, short or long distances, through fire protected sections or outside, underground or in false ceilings, during construction or retrofitted within existing buildings during normal operation. There will always be a sensible route for pneumatic tube system.