Robotic IV Compounding Automation (RIVA)

RIVA is a fully automated IV compounding system, which is used by hospital pharmacies to accurately prepare IV syringes and bags. RIVA has a lot of features that provide safety, efficiency and productivity benfits, including unidirectional dweeping airflow, photo and timestamp product verification, ergonomic touch-screen operation, ability to make drug source (intermediary) bags, true walk-away capability and much more. The technology provides the safest and most flexible means of delivering fully labled syringes and bags (batch or patient-specific) and requires no operator intervention during the compounding process. By automating the preparation of IV syringes and bags, RIVA addresses the issues of safety for the patients and the pharmacy technicians, efficiency and effectiveness in the pharmacy and cost savings in medication outsourcing anf decreases pharmacy waste.

RIVA technology can be configured for specific patient populations and institutional needs. There are three RIVA products for different institutional segments which include general/adult, pediatric and chemotherapy, in order to cater for patients with different needs of drug doses.

We worked closely with Queen Mary Hopsital by analyzing the past six months working data in order to find out how a RIVA solution could help in the pharmacy workflow . A workshop has been delivered and a technical proposal drafted. More case studies will be followed accordingly.